the programme

The core concept behind is entirely new. One not only learns management skills, techniques and methods but also the business English needed for that. No other management education and development or English language training course available at present offers business managers this two-in-one learning combination.


for non-English native speakers

In countries like Germany, Latin America or Spain, training participants go two to three times through the same training topic. For instance to learn presentation skills, a German student would at first learn presentation skills in his mother tongue German. When a company discovers the need for experienced presenters for the international market, these students would then receive additional training in the English language (refresher courses). Thirdly, the company could then register for courses which are geared to presentation skills in English.


for English native speakers

English native speakers can use our management programme to improve their management performance.


save over 50% in time and money

Company training provided through enables human resource managers to save over 50% of their time and money by combining management skills and English language training. With the increase of globalisation, English retains its status as the worldwide leading business language! offers a two-in-one solution: management education and development combined with English language training.


17 specific management and communication skills modules

To boost your skills we have so far developed 17 specific management and communication skills modules. Each topic requires approximately 3 to 10 hours to complete depending on the user‘s language proficiency level (beginner, intermediate to advanced). They are easy to use, you can complete one topic every day or week or month. The management and communication skills training increases the student‘s efficiency and output. Participants can achieve results and performances which are much better than the ones previously obtained (e.g. in negotiations, presentations, marketing or sales).


history of

This programme was conceived as a result of the frustrated search of a German businessman for a business management English course that best suited his requirements.

Having tried out numerous English courses, both privately and at language schools, the gentleman gave up; he could find no suitable course to satisfy his specific needs in the areas of management, marketing or advertising.

Consequently he approached a publishing group with his problem and there was born the vision of this unique course - two-in-one: management skills combined with English language training.

Over the next two and a half years a team of over seventy English teaching experts, management consultants and professionals in the areas of management, marketing and advertising from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and Germany worked together to develop the series.

The series is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, managers and all those who wish to achieve high performance in English while at the same time improving their knowledge of business management skills and methods.

The business management and English training series is available online via the World Wide Web.

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