• Audi AG
  • BMW AG
  • edding AG
  • HAW-Hamburger Aluminium Werk
  • Unilever / Langnese (Walls) Iglo
  • Media Markt & Saturn
  • Mercedes Benz AG
  • MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG
  • Scholz & Friends Advertising Agency
  • Sharp
  • SIHI
  • TBWA Advertising Agency
  • Technische Universit√§t Hamburg-Harburg
  • UKE-Universit√§tsklinik Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • / lts-leipzig tourist service

opinions of the participants

  • A manager from SHARP: "Material: excellent"
  • A manager from AUDI: "Congratulations!"
  • A manager from MERCEDES-BENZ: "A very good seminar."
  • A manager from UNILEVER (LANGNESE-IGLO [WALL's]): "I particularly liked the opportunity to do two presentations and to see oneself and the interchange between theory and practice"; "I will definitely recommend to others!"
  • A manager of the worldwide advertising agency TBWA: "An excellent and successful presentation seminar"
  • A manager from EDDING: "I liked the seminar very much"; "Very positive: two practical exercises per person despite lack of time"
  • A manager from MEDIA MARKT / SATURN: "I found the seminar very good, I learned a lot, particularly from the exercises in front of the camera"
  • A manager from the advertising agency SCHOLZ & FRIENDS: "Easy going and very professional"; "It was great fun!" "Content: very comprehensive"
  • A manager at the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF HAMBURG-HARBURG: "I especially liked the way the participants were motivated to take part"; "I would like to emphasise, in addition, the special benefit of the video recording."
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