free tools


Here you can download some free audio-recording tools,
to check your pronunciation and track your improvement.

Free Audio Recorder 1.0
Sound Wave Recorder 1.2
Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9
Pocket Voice Recorder 3.5


On this page you can find some electronic dictionary links.

Audio/Video conferencing

In order to realise the virtual face-to-face course we build upon the Skype software or Google Talk for virtual conferencing. With this software we are able to organize virtual lessons all over the world, with participants from around the globe.

In order to use the virtual seminar you need to download these clients.

Just download and attend the lesson.

Before you are able to attend we will provide you with a unique course ID through your e-mail box. Insert this ID and you will be able to enter the seminar.

Click here to download the software:

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