Our network specialises in languages and cross cultural communications, English training, change management and corporate learning. Our network includes over 2000 specialists worldwide in the areas of languages, marcom & IT/web services (authors, consultants, copywriters, interpreters [conference & judicial], directors [tv, film & video], journalists, lecturers, project managers, speechwriters, teachers, trainers and translators).

Included are over 500 management trainers and consultants - with more than 50 speech & debate and campaign awards, 7 international awards - executive consultants, blue chip- and global player-experienced MBAs from Wharton, Insead, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and Warwick (please see authors and trainers). provides services such as international consultancy, business development, localisations, adaptations and translations in marketing, advertising, communications and design (e. g. cross cultural communications and adaptations such as brochures, corporate and annual reports, corporate tv and videos, PR / press releases, marcom campaigns, websites etc.) network

We also provide full consultancy and agency services in management English training, translation, cross-cultural marketing, communication and design. is a network of cross-cultural specialists in global advertising and marketing. Our partner organisation is a network of specialists in what we call glocalisation services. We believe that the markets of the future will combine local and global elements, hence the need for successful players to glocalise their products.

We offer a range of services in the fields of business development, marketing communications, corporate learning and IT. For example, our international specialists adapt content for all media – print, radio, TV, video, computer and internet – to different languages, keeping in mind the regional differences and technical requirements of each target market.

We have built up an international database of localisation specialists based in 196 countries and 2000 largest cities. These include authors, consultants, copywriters, designers, journalists, leading speakers and motivators, PR specialists, speechwriters, voice-over speakers, trainers, translators and interpreters (all are natives from the particular target market).


Worldwide Corporate University Network
- Management education and development services
- International consultants and trainer network

Worldwide Consultancy and Agency Network

- language, cross-cultural communication and marketing services
- Internationalisation through 'glocalisation' services

Worldwide IT Services Network
- Business and cooperation webs
- CMS (Content Management Systems) and partner network shops
- Semantic web 2.0 & 3.0 service provider / SaaS / PaaS – IT is all about communication!

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