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Prize-winning English refresher course: including free grading test and certificate of successful completion. has received awards from six English universities. Its content was developed by multi-award-winning management and language trainers (its authors have won over 50 prizes and awards). Content and themes: social issues, economics, politics, science, culture, art, literature, music, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, etc. English refresher course sneak preview:

Everyday English: expressing opinions, greetings and farewells, communication, making schedules, getting acquainted, dining out,culture, leisure, camping, staying in hotels, on the street, in the post office, in the bank, at the police station, health, at the dentist‘s, shopping, at the pharmacy, photographic equipment, asking questions, numbers, weights and measures, quantities, times, calendar, the sky and space, the weather, spatial relations, the human body, the senses, life & death.  

Professional English: telephoning, negotiating, presenting, correspondence, discussions, decisions, organizing meetings, marketing, advertising, office, etc. Management skills courses sneak preview:

System requirements: To access the e-learning programme you will need the following minimum computer specification (the typography will not shown properly on Mac machines): Processor 800mhz, 128MB RAM, Recommended 256k Connection and Audio speakers.


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