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We are an international marketing materials development and localisation network. Our management and marketing consultants, as well as our local language specialists (including trainers, translators, interpreters and copywriters) work for many of the world's leading companies (Top 100 Global Brands, Fortune 500 and German DAX 30). We collaborate with localisation experts and advertising agencies in more than 180 countries worldwide.

• International collaboration and cooperation
• International brand and marketing development
• Localisation of international marketing material
• Translation, cross-cultural copywriting and design
• Corporate university platforms and training

Our corporate universities networks offers management education and development, combined with English language training. We provide face-to-face training and self-study material. This could be online via an e-learning platform, on-site/in-house companies or hotels (blended learning). We are passionate believers in the principle of 'learning through doing' –  that true knowledge comes from action and interaction with experts. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our network of trainers and consultants!

Our corporates universities networks offers training and consulting services in the areas of innovations and inventions, change and growth, management skills and English training, peoples development, corporate social responsibility, and corporate citizenship. Our consultants and trainers have won over 50 national and international awards. talktotheworld.com is winner of the EFS (Enterprise Fellowship Scheme) competition of the universities of Warwick, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Keele, Coventry, and Central England.

talktotheworld.org is an associate member of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Oxford Entrepreneurs Club and The Learning Lab UK.




Award from six English universities: talktotheworld.com is winner of the efs - enterprise fellowship scheme competition of the universities of Warwick, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Keele, Coventry, and Central England (category: high growth potential companies).

Our consultants and trainers won over 50 national & international awards.


talktotheworld.org is an associate member of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs, Oxford Entrepreneurs Club and The Learning Lab UK.

talktotheworld.org is an enterprise fellow of the UCE - University of Central England.

talktotheworld.org is a member of the GENISIS Institute for Social Business and Impact Strategies gemeinnützige GmbH (www.genisis-institute.org).

talktotheworld.org is a participant at the VISION SUMMIT in Berlin (visionsummit.org) – the VISION SUMMIT is focussing on the central theme of SOCIAL BUSINESS worldwide.

talktotheworld.com is a participant at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, Building Global Cooperation (www.globalcooperation.org and www.wcge.org).

talktotheworld.org is a participant at the Leipziger Personalforum.

talktotheworld.org is a participant at the SMILE Entrepreneurs Programme (University of Leipzig and HHL-Handelshochschule Leipzig / Graduate School of Management).

French Embassy:
talktotheworld.org is a participant at the European Conference “Digital Archive and Cultural Memory – 100 representatives of the digital world from Europe“ (2014).


Our network specialises in languages and cross cultural communications, English training, change management and corporate learning. Our network includes over 2000 specialists worldwide in the areas of languages, marcom & IT/web services (authors, consultants, copywriters, interpreters [conference & judicial], directors [tv, film & video], journalists, lecturers, project managers, speechwriters, teachers, trainers and translators).

Included are over 500 management trainers and consultants - with more than 50 speech & debate and campaign awards, 7 international awards - executive consultants, blue chip- and global player-experienced MBAs from Wharton, Insead, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and Warwick (please see authors and trainers).

talktotheworld.com provides services such as international consultancy, business development, localisations, adaptations and translations in marketing, advertising, communications and design (e. g. cross cultural communications and adaptations such as brochures, corporate and annual reports, corporate tv and videos, PR / press releases, marcom campaigns, websites etc.)

talktotheworld.com network

We also provide full consultancy and agency services in management English training, translation, cross-cultural marketing, communication and design. talktotheworld.com is a network of cross-cultural specialists in global advertising and marketing. Our partner organisation glocalise.net is a network of specialists in what we call glocalisation services. We believe that the markets of the future will combine local and global elements, hence the need for successful players to glocalise their products.

We offer a range of services in the fields of business development, marketing communications, corporate learning and IT. For example, our international specialists adapt content for all media – print, radio, TV, video, computer and internet – to different languages, keeping in mind the regional differences and technical requirements of each target market.

We have built up an international database of localisation specialists based in 196 countries and 2000 largest cities. These include authors, consultants, copywriters, designers, journalists, leading speakers and motivators, PR specialists, speechwriters, voice-over speakers, trainers, translators and interpreters (all are natives from the particular target market).


Worldwide Corporate University Network
- Management education and development services
- International consultants and trainer network

Worldwide Consultancy and Agency Network

- language, cross-cultural communication and marketing services
- Internationalisation through 'glocalisation' services

Worldwide IT Services Network
- Business and cooperation webs
- CMS (Content Management Systems) and partner network shops
- Semantic web 2.0 & 3.0 service provider / SaaS / PaaS
talktotheworld.com – IT is all about communication!


talktotheworld.com offers management education and development combined with English language training. Expertise comes from talking to experts. Our Motto: learning by doing. Improve your practising skills!

We offer blended learning facilities, such as face-to-face (seminar hotels and in-house company training), offline (DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs), and online courses (general and business English; management skills modules) including audio, video, classroom and conference systems, and e-forums.

Employee references from Audi, Edding, Langnese-Iglo/Unilever, leipzig.de/LTS - Leipzig Tourist Service, Media Markt & Saturn, Mercedes-Benz/DaimlerChrysler, MLP, Scholz & Friends, Sharp, TBWA, TU-Hamburg-Harburg, UKE-Universitätsklinik Hamburg-Eppendorf: very good

about us

Who we are
talktotheworld.com is a management specialist network with over 500 authors, coaches, consultants and trainers including MBAs from the top 5 and top 30 business schools worldwide (e.g. Wharton, INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick).  

What we offer
Our programme includes over 60 management topics and can be booked as seminars, workshops & lectures. We also offer some management modules via our shop.

How we work
Client's needs are individually analysed together with each participant through our proficiency test. This test will show the knowledge & language level of each learner to then determine an individual training programme defining targets & progress.  

the talktotheworld.com programme

The core concept behind talktotheworld.com is entirely new. One not only learns management skills, techniques and methods but also the business English needed for that. No other management education and development or English language training course available at present offers business managers this two-in-one learning combination.


for non-English native speakers

In countries like Germany, Latin America or Spain, training participants go two to three times through the same training topic. For instance to learn presentation skills, a German student would at first learn presentation skills in his mother tongue German. When a company discovers the need for experienced presenters for the international market, these students would then receive additional training in the English language (refresher courses). Thirdly, the company could then register for courses which are geared to presentation skills in English.


for English native speakers

English native speakers can use our management programme to improve their management performance.


save over 50% in time and money

Company training provided through talktotheworld.com enables human resource managers to save over 50% of their time and money by combining management skills and English language training. With the increase of globalisation, English retains its status as the worldwide leading business language! talktotheworld.com offers a two-in-one solution: management education and development combined with English language training.


17 specific management and communication skills modules

To boost your skills we have so far developed 17 specific management and communication skills modules. Each topic requires approximately 3 to 10 hours to complete depending on the user‘s language proficiency level (beginner, intermediate to advanced). They are easy to use, you can complete one topic every day or week or month. The management and communication skills training increases the student‘s efficiency and output. Participants can achieve results and performances which are much better than the ones previously obtained (e.g. in negotiations, presentations, marketing or sales).


history of talktotheworld.com

This programme was conceived as a result of the frustrated search of a German businessman for a business management English course that best suited his requirements.

Having tried out numerous English courses, both privately and at language schools, the gentleman gave up; he could find no suitable course to satisfy his specific needs in the areas of management, marketing or advertising.

Consequently he approached a publishing group with his problem and there was born the vision of this unique course - two-in-one: management skills combined with English language training.

Over the next two and a half years a team of over seventy English teaching experts, management consultants and professionals in the areas of management, marketing and advertising from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and Germany worked together to develop the talktotheworld.com series.

The series is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, managers and all those who wish to achieve high performance in English while at the same time improving their knowledge of business management skills and methods.

The talktotheworld.com business management and English training series is available online via the World Wide Web.

talktotheworld.com references

  • Audi AG
  • BMW AG
  • edding AG
  • HAW-Hamburger Aluminium Werk
  • Unilever / Langnese (Walls) Iglo
  • Media Markt & Saturn
  • Mercedes Benz AG
  • MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG
  • Scholz & Friends Advertising Agency
  • Sharp
  • SIHI
  • TBWA Advertising Agency
  • Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
  • UKE-Universitätsklinik Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • leipzig.de / lts-leipzig tourist service

opinions of the participants

  • A manager from SHARP: "Material: excellent"
  • A manager from AUDI: "Congratulations!"
  • A manager from MERCEDES-BENZ: "A very good seminar."
  • A manager from UNILEVER (LANGNESE-IGLO [WALL's]): "I particularly liked the opportunity to do two presentations and to see oneself and the interchange between theory and practice"; "I will definitely recommend talktotheworld.com to others!"
  • A manager of the worldwide advertising agency TBWA: "An excellent and successful presentation seminar"
  • A manager from EDDING: "I liked the seminar very much"; "Very positive: two practical exercises per person despite lack of time"
  • A manager from MEDIA MARKT / SATURN: "I found the seminar very good, I learned a lot, particularly from the exercises in front of the camera"
  • A manager from the advertising agency SCHOLZ & FRIENDS: "Easy going and very professional"; "It was great fun!" "Content: very comprehensive"
  • A manager at the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF HAMBURG-HARBURG: "I especially liked the way the participants were motivated to take part"; "I would like to emphasise, in addition, the special benefit of the video recording."

authors, coaches, consultants & trainers

Speech & campaign award winners, chairmen consultants, blue chip / global player experienced MBAs from Wharton, Insead, Oxford, Cambridge and Warwick.

  • Simon Aldridge

    Simon Aldridge (English native speaker)
    Simon Alldridge worked for more than 13 years as a senior manager in marketing and sales for companies such as Gallagher Ltd., Allied Domecq and Asda Stores Plc. During this time he was responsible for major marketing campaigns, brand management, leadership of marketing teams and management of large retail units. Over the last 4 years, he has given seminars on Organisation and People Development, as well as providing personal coaching at senior management level. His clients include Telegraph Group, Goldman Sachs, Whitbread, BT Hiscox, 3M, Government Offices, Astra Zeneca, the Department of Education and Employment, Tarmac, Avon Cosmetics, Twinings International, and Vision Express.
    Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Elaine M. Barnett

    Elaine M. Barnett † (English native speaker/talktotheworld.com author)
    Elaine M. Barnett was a graduate of UCLA in International Communications. She also studied International Relations in Vienna, Austria and organizational and educational psychology and adult education (MA 1996). She has won over 50 public speaking and debating awards in the United States, including: first prize in the national "Voice of Democracy" speech contest among 300,000 competitors in (1987), the national award of the Martin Luther King and Pepsi Foundations from 1985 to 87. She was 1st in the state of California for impromptu speaking in 1985, 2nd in the US for congressional negotiation in 1985 and 1st in the US for impromptu speaking in 1986. Since 1989 she has worked as a management trainer, giving seminars on public speaking, presentation skills and intercultural communication for corporate clients such as Henkel, Reemtsma, Deutsche Aerospace, Dr. Oetker, Deutsche Post AG, Landesbank Berlin, Lintas und Rotary International. Elaine M. Barnett was co-author of several talkttotheworld.com Communication Skills modules.

  • Adrian Bell

    Adrian Bell (English native speaker)
    Adrian Bell studied Law and worked for many years for a major Australian bank. Since 1973 he has been active in management training and human resources management. He has more than 16 years' experience in the areas of human resources management, industrial relations and management training. Since 1982 he has given management skills seminars for corporate clients including Volvo Australia, NSW State Rail Authority, Bank of Queensland, Apple Computer Australia, Telecom Australia, Singapore Airlines, Delhi Petroleum, The Seven Network (all State Channels), University of New England (Financial Management & Research Centre), Capital Financial Group, and Philips Electronics Australia. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • R. L. Bharadwaj

    R. L. Bharadwaj (Indian native / Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi)
    R. L. Bharadwaj's educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons/1971) from the University of Jodhpur and a Masters in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad in 1982. His main achievements include the nomination as the 'Businessman of the Year' by Business India in 1997 and ranked as one of the top 50 CEOs in India by Business India (2001). He launched the First Customer Information Center in India which was covered by 'The Asian Age' in 1997 and he was also responsible for launching ISDN in the country. He is frequently featured in 'Voice and Data' for business policies, marketing expertise and to new product launches. As a Member of the 'Regional Management Board of Asia' for Siemens he promoted and developed business throughout Asia (excluding Japan). From 1994-1998 he was the Executive Vice President for Private Networks Siemens Ltd. in India and from 1998 - 2002 he worked as the Chief Executive Officer for NEC's Indian operations. The organisation is a leader in the KTS market and is poised to take over as the market leader in total communication solutions. Today he runs his own business and works as a consultant. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Ludovic Bonnet

    Ludovic Bonnet (French native / fluent in English)
    Ludovic Bonnet gained his Masters degree in Human Resources Management the Disney University in Florida, USA and studied International Relations at the Paul Valery University (Montpellier, France) and Economics and Management at the University Business School (Grenoble, France). In 1992 Ludovic worked for the French navy as an English teacher for several years in Canada, the USA, the UK and South Africa. His professional experience includes JULEO (Consulting) & Profilimode.com (website specialised in fashion) where he worked as Marketing and Brand Director to establish service agreements and contract talks with Yves St Laurent Haute Couture, Diesel Group, and others. He also worked as Corporate Partnerships Director for GROUPE CEGETEL and for the Universal Studios Channels in France, launching "The Disney Channel" as Senior Manager for Distribution and Promotion. Formerly, Communications and Marketing Manager, he was responsible for opening up French, German and Spanish subsidiaries for The Disney Store, France. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Susan Cownie

    Susan Cownie (English native)
    Susan Cownie gained her Certificate of Education at the University of Warwick and various management training qualifications up to NVQ 5 in Management. Susan Cownie is an innovative professional manager with extensive expertise and experience in the management of organisational behaviour, change management, quality management and strategic planning in the public and educational sectors. She is a senior internal verifier, lead tutor and quality manager. Her key skills include communication and development. She offers excellent presentation and interpersonal skills and as a strategist, the initiation and development of strategic plans and tactics for their implementation. She resolves problems rapidly and has very good facilitation skills in leading senior managers through key management projects. Susan Cownie has highly developed influencing skills. Susan Cownie works today at the Worcester College of Technology, Worcester Management Centre and is external verifier at the ILM - Institute of Leadership and Management. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Nigel Crunden

    Nigel Crunden (English native speaker)
    Nigel Crunden studied Industrial Design in London. He has worked for internationally renowned design agencies such as the Industrial Design Consultancy in London, Peter Schmidt / Veit Mahlmann Design International, and Lothar Böhm Design in Hamburg. He specialises in technical innovation and packaging & form design. His clients have included major brand name manufacturers such as Beiersdorf, Coca-Cola, Joop, Lancaster Group, Mars, Moulinex, RG Resonance Geophysics, Schweppes, Shop Wac/Goblin, Stanley Tools, Swan, and Unipart. Nigel Crunden was a consultant editor at talkttotheworld.com and was the co-author of several management skills modules. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Jasmin Daniel-Brinkmann

    Jasmin Daniel-Brinkmann (English native speaker)
    Jasmin Daniel-Brinkmann graduated in English Literature and Linguistics in 1979. She spent 4 years working as an interpreter for the European Commission in Brussels. After moving to Hamburg, Germany she became manager of the English language department at Colòn Foreign Language Institute. Jasmin worked for talktotheworld.com as a sub-editor with responsibility for quality control, administration and customer service.

  • Hooman Darabian

    Hooman Darabian (Citizenship: Canadian & French / Languages: French & English)
    Hooman Darabian studied Finance, Strategy and Marketing at INSEAD where he received his MBA. He studied further Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo (MASc) in Ontario, Canada and Cornell University (BS) in Ithaca, New York, USA. Over the years he has gained significant academic experience and is currently teaching as Professor on the International MBA program (Management of Change and Innovation) at ESLSCA, in Paris/, France. He is author of several publications eg with INSEAD (Internationalization of R&D - 3 case studies [Ciba Geigy, Nestle', Ford of Europe] - a research report commissioned by the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan) and with the University of Waterloo ("Approximations for the Probability in the Tails of the Binomial Distribution"). His professional experience includes 11 years in industry and 7 years in management consulting. He worked eg for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, France (Position: Principal - Strategy & Transformation Consulting) where he developed business and lead engagements for major accounts in France in the areas of strategy, organisation and mergers and acquisitions. Today he works as a consultant to industrial, biotechnology and high-technology sectors in Strategies, Innovations and Organisational Effectiveness. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Susan David

    Susan David (English native speaker)
    Susan David studied English Literature and Linguistics in the United
    States and Germany. She wrote her Master's thesis on internet and new
    electronic media. She has taught Business English at several language
    schools. She began working for talkttotheworld.com as a sub-editor with
    responsibility for quality control of the management skills modules.
    Susan has also worked as a trainer (General Business English Training)
    for talkttotheworld.com, managing assignments with companies such as
    SIHI International and ABuSD Security GmbH. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Thomas Martin Davies

    Thomas Martin Davies (English native)
    Thomas Martin Davies is a professional 'people developer' with a background in Human Resource Management, Training Consultancy and Production Management. He has extensive practical and academic experience, skills and knowledge in a wide variety of General and Human Resource Management and Development areas. He has effective presentation, interpersonal and feedback skills at all levels. As Senior Lecturer and Trainer at the Human Resources Department, University of Wolverhampton Business School, tutored and trained a variety of mainly post-graduate programmes both at the University and 'in-company'. His areas of work include a Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Human Resource Development, Human Resource Management, and General Management, MBA programmes and 'tailored' company Management Development programmes. Specific areas of interest include Leadership and Management, Team Development and Change Management. Martin is responsible for Business Development and external income generation, module and award leadership. He works also as external verifier for the Institute of Leadership and Management. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Denise Deschamps

    Denise Deschamps (French native speaker, fluent in English and Dutch)
    Denise Deschamps, a native of Belgium, is a management consultant specialising in international project management. She gives workshops and seminars in France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands on themes ranging from presentation and communication skills to project management and management information systems. She initially studied for degrees in Physics and Education at Liège University and worked for 10 years at a high school. Since then she has received degrees in Computer Science from the EMSI School in Brussels and Brussels University, and an MBA from INSEAD. Her work as a computer systems manager included the design of web applications and management software for the European Commission, a 14 million CIM (Computer Integrated Management) project involving 19 European companies, creation of the CORDIS, ACTES and PIF databases for the European Commission, and several project management roles for a major Belgian bank. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Dr. Joe España

    Dr. Joe España (English native speaker)
    Joe España's educational qualifications include the following university degrees: PhD, MPhil, MSc, BA (Hons), and MIPD. He has many years' experience in Human Resources Management with companies such as British Airways, Woodchester Credit Lyonnais, and Guardian Royal Exchange where he was Director of Human Resources Development (HRD). His area of special interest is cross-cultural and strategic HRD. For the past 17 years he has worked as a researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of Organisational Learning and Development, and counts among his clients the following companies: New Look Plc, Avon Cosmetics, Ernst & Young, The Post Office Group, Dixons Group, Janssen-Cilag, Regis, BT, Lockheed Martin, BNFL, Thames Valley Enterprise, Reading Borough Council, CGU, and Barclays Bank. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Dr. Cain Evans

    Dr. Cain Evans (English native speaker)
    Dr. Cain Evans is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the University of Central England in Birmingham where he teaches in the B.Sc, M.Sc., and MBA programmes. His areas of expertise include Telecommunications, MIS (eBusiness / eCommerce), Programming, IS Project Management, MIS, Systems Analysis & Design, Computer Graphics, and Software Engineering. He previously lectured at the Mahidol University Thailand and worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS - UK) where his responsibilities included leading the Y2K project team and managing IT infrastructure projects for Rolls-Royce's Aero Defence Systems. He has published on the subject of eBusiness strategy for academic and IT journals including the International Journal of ISM (USA), and was a guest speaker at the ABF in Malaysia in 2001. Dr. Evans is a member of UN NetAid and the World Capital Forum.com (specialist area IT). Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Rob Harris

    Rob Harris (English native speaker)
    Rob Harris worked for more than 10 years as a new media and video production manager in marketing and sales, especially in the areas of incentive, motivation and corporate video production, for companies such as Braun UK, Compaq, Microsoft, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Sun Microsystems. In recent years he has won 6 international awards for his work for the following clients: Oracle (Gold and Merit Award for best video), IBM (Silver Award), IBM (Bronze Award), Kodak (Bronze Award), Brent International (Silver Award). As well as producing videos Rob also gives seminars on "How to produce the best video" in the areas of Organisation and People Development (e.g. Training, Incentive and CEO-Speech videos). His mission is to make a difference through high quality creative communications, and thereby help his clients to stand apart from their competitors. His latest clients include Nokia, Visa, Pfizer and HMV. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Stephen Harris

    Stephen Harris (English native speaker)
    Stephen Harris studied Management of Organisations (B.Sc.[Hons]) and Quality Assurance (Post Graduate Certificate) at the Open University and Mechanical Engineering (HNC) at Coventry University and Oxford Brookes University (PGCE). He is a member of several professional bodies such as the Institute of Quality Assurance, the City & Guilds Institute and the British Psychological Society. Stephen Harris works as a Quality Assurance Manager, Trainer and Assessment Strategist. He is also an Associate Occupational Psychologist and works for Psytech International. Previous employment includes a position as Quality and Training Manager at the Brady Corporation where he implemented "Investors in People Standard", the Group [Seton Ltd] Quality Systems including ISO 9000, as well as Brady Global Training Products for Leadership. He worked as Modern Apprenticeship Course Manager at the Rover Group delivering, planning and managing the training needs for Young People Development, and as Technologist at ROLLS ROYCE working with design teams in a total quality environment and in facilities considered to be the most advanced in Europe. He also worked as an Examiner at the Institute of Quality Assurance and one of his key achievements at Warwickshire College is the Business Excellence Award (winner in 2001/2002). Today he is running his own business in the areas of Quality, Training and Assessment where in he especially enjoys the Facilitation of Leadership. His clients for the Psychometric Analysis include Warwick Ventures (Warwick University) and Birmingham University. (Enterprise in Biomedicine - Partner Universities include: Aston, Keele, Leicester and Nottingham. Stephen offers Management Assessment Services including the Psychometric Analysis, in cooperation with talktotheworld.com. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Norman Hewer

    Norman Hewer (English native speaker)
    Norman Hewer has extensive employment experience with five blue chip organisations, mostly involved in engineering, and building supply industries. His principal roles included sales and marketing, and training and development. He gained fourteen years experience with the Open University Business School as a tutor for the Professional Certificate in Management Programme. Norman Hewer covers all topic areas, such as People Management, Marketing, Operations, Information Technology, and Finance. His recent client list includes the Learning Agency for Warwickshire County Council Social Services, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the University of Central England Business School and Knowledge Management Centre, the Royal Yachting Association, the Open University Business School and the Institute of Leadership and Management. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Kay Hughes

    Kay Hughes (English native speaker)
    Kay Hughes studied TEFL and English Literature at the University of London, and Art History and Music Theory at the University of Tübingen, Germany. She has over 14 years' experience as a high profile English trainer. She has worked on the SEFIC programme for the London Chamber of Commerce and for the Executive Centre at the St. George's School of English. In Germany she has given seminars and workshops for companies such as Dresdner Bank, Glaxo, Langnese/Iglo, Unilever, Nokia und Nord-Deutsche Versicherung. Kay assisted the talkttotheworld.com project team as a freelance sub-editor and proofreader. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Anouj Mehta

    Anouj Mehta (English native speaker)
    Anouj Mehta holds a BSc. Degree in Business Studies from the City University of London and an MBA degree from INSEAD where he finished in the top 10% of his class. He has worked as a senior manager for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in London and more recently for JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank where he headed the South Asia desk in Singapore. He advised major clients, including Unilever and Peugeot, on joint ventures, acquisitions, divestments, and market strategy, and managed private equity deals up to US$700m in value. His areas of expertise include the Asian and Latin American power sectors, IPP financing, oil & gas sector advisory, and government reform advisory (deal sizes US$100m-US$1 bn). He advised the World Bank/DFID and Government of India on India's largest power sector restructuring and privatisation / reforms process (Andhra Pradesh). Anouj Mehta is now an independent financial and investment consultant based in London. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Jim Morgan

    Jim Morgan (English native)
    Jim Morgan was initially educated at de la Salle and completed his studies in the UK at Liverpool University, gaining a degree in Psychology and afterwards an MBA. Jim worked in overseas marketing with Guinness and spent several years in Africa as a Project Manager before moving into Management Development in the Retail and Leisure industry. Having gained a reputation as a guest speaker on personal development issues, he worked extensively as a trainer with the Industrial Society , the American Management Association and Management Centre Europe training over 100,000 people in the process. He is an independent Training Consultant and conducts Negotiation skills and Project Management courses for the Irish Times and Institute of Project Management of Ireland with special skills in Teambuilding, Communications and Customer Care, and has many publications and video scripts to his credit. Apart from presenting courses and facilitating the development process, Jim has designed behavioural assessment tools which are used to reinforce key learning points and assist personal awareness dimensions. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Pan Pan

    Pan Pan (USA native/fluent in English & Chinese [Mandarin], French working knowledge)
    Pan Pan studied Economics at the Northwestern University where he gained his BA with Magna cum Laude. He is a recipient of the Kapnick Prize in Business Institutions (a Honours thesis research grant). Further he received his MBA at INSEAD. At Roland Berger Strategy Consultants - topics 2003 space for talent, he became one of fifty participants selected worldwide to participate in its annual international business case project weekend. He also took part in an internship at KPMG (Risk Strategy Consulting, Salomon Smith Barney) and at Kellogg School of Management where he worked as research assistant for professors. Pan Pan also made a career as a professional pianist : guest solo debut - Carnegie Hall, New York, October, 2000. Pan Pan began his training at the age of 4 and entered Shanghai Music Conservatoire at the age of 9; he received a full scholarship to pursue piano in the US at the age of 11. He won numerous national and international competitions and appeared on public television and in professional videos in the US. His professional consultant career started in 1999 at Bearing Point (formerly KPMG Consulting) as Senior Consultant, Financial Services Consulting - Capital Markets (promoted from consultant in under two years). He then worked for Deutsche Bank as Associate for Investment Banking (Global Equities) and for Strawberry Frog (Intern, Strategic Planning). At Unilever Bestfoods he worked as Manager in the area of Strategy & Business Intelligence. Pan Pan assessed and designed solution alternatives in derivatives hedging strategy for e.g, the Credit Suisse Group and led and managed a client team re-engineering Goldman Sachs' Global Financial Controls process. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Pat Pledger

    Pat Pledger (English native speaker)
    Pat Pledger was for many years a human resources manager in London and is an RSA/TEFL qualified English language trainer. She is a member of the Institute for Personnel and Development and has worked as a Business English trainer for the following companies: Allianz, Amro Bank, BP, Ciba Geigy, Colgate Palmolive, DASA, Degussa, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, General Motors, Greenpeace, Jones Lang Wootton, KPMG, Mobil Oil, Preussag, PriceWaterhouse and Unilever. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Lucy Pollard

    Lucy Pollard (English native speaker)
    Lucy Pollard studied Economics and English at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She went on to complete post-graduate programmes in Business Administration (RSA), and Theory and Methodology of Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (Dip. TESOL). She has worked as a sales representative for AIRPIC Ltd. in Pennsylvania, USA, and for several language institutes in Germany. She has trained marketing executives in management and communications skills through English for companies such as Springer Verlag, Hamburg, and the German Fashion Academy. Lucy Pollard was responsible for the design of training seminars at talkttotheworld.com. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Stephen Roche

    Stephen Roche (English native speaker)
    Stephen Roche studied History and German Literature at the National University of Ireland, Galway and at Hamburg University. He has taught German at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland and English at several private language schools in Hamburg, Germany. He began working at talkttotheworld.com as Group Co-Editor where his responsibilities included recruitment of authors and speakers, and management of studio recording for the Management English Library. He was also co-author of several management skills modules.

  • Christopher Thompson

    Christopher Thompson (English native speaker)
    Christopher Thompson studied History at the University of York. He subsequently completed a postgraduate diploma course in Business English Training at the Guildhall University in London. He has many years' experience as a Business English trainer and seminar leader for, among others, the Carl Duisburg Foundation, Deutsche Bank, Iberia Airlines, AEG, MBB und Otto Versand. He is Co-Author of the talkttotheworld.com Communication Skills modules. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Colin J. Tierney

    Colin J. Tierney (English native speaker)
    Colin J. Tierney studied Philosophy and Psychology at Newcastle University. He has over 10 years' experience in management education and development with special focus on mentoring, cultural change, selection/interviewing skills, assertiveness training and conflict management. His clients include Unilever Research Laboratories, Lancaster Group, The Child Support Agency, Kemira International, Prittchitt Foods Northern Ireland, Unison, Maff, Lee Associates, and The Coal Authority. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Carol Whetstone

    Carol Whetstone (English native speaker)
    Carol Whetstone studied Liteature at Duke University, North Carolina, USA. She worked for many years as a Business English trainer for international clients such as Konoike Ginko in Japan, Kobe Steel in New York, and the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam. She is an independent communication consultant specialising in inter-cultural communication. Since 1993 she has worked as Speech-writer for the Corporate Vice President of the Beiersdorf Corporation in Germany. Carol Whetstone worked for talktotheworld.com as a sub-editor and consultant. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Amanda Williams

    Amanda Williams (English native speaker)
    Amanda Williams is a graduate of Durham University, England (German and English). She is an RSA qualified TEFL teacher (Cambridge University) and completed a management training course at Harrods of London where she was a department manager. She has worked for many years as a Business English trainer for the financial services, aeronautics, and pharmaceutical industries. She specialises in Communication Skills (presentation, negotiation, etc.) Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • Gill Wood

    Gill Wood (English native speaker)
    Gill Wood is the Marketing Director and an online tutor at a company that is accredited to provide Institute of Leadership & Management courses and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) courses online. As a trainer Gill delivers face-to-face management training on customised Diploma in Management Studies programmes for a private training consultancy. Recent clients include: Capita Insurance, Medlock Communications Group (telecoms), Ford Campbell (accountants), Manchester Methodist Housing Association, Virgin Retail, JD Williams Group (mail order company), Aludel (health & fitness group) and Manchester Care. Gill still undertakes academic work as a part-time lecturer on the BA in Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also an examiner for CIM, marking scripts for the Marketing Communications module and moderating continuous assessment projects. In addition, she is an external verifier for Cambridge International Examinations which involves revising examination papers and moderating in Cambridge and Singapore. Gill was the Senior Examiner for the CIM's Customer Communications module for over seven years, the Chief Examiner for the Chartered Institute of Bankers' (CIB) Customer Communications paper and a Senior Examiner for the Hospitality Awarding Body. Gill writes tutor support material for the Cambridge Business Award and writes for BPP Publishing and the CIM revision card series for Butterworth Heinemann. She has also written for National Extension College, Rapid Results and FT Financial Times Knowledge. Gill has written two textbooks, the CIM Workbook 'Customer Communications' published by Butterworth-Heinemann and 'Business Communications' for the CIB qualifications, published by Pitman. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

course description

English Deutsch

Prize-winning English refresher course: including free grading test and certificate of successful completion. talktotheworld.com has received awards from six English universities. Its content was developed by multi-award-winning management and language trainers (its authors have won over 50 prizes and awards). Content and themes: social issues, economics, politics, science, culture, art, literature, music, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, etc.

Everyday English: expressing opinions, greetings and farewells, communication, making schedules, getting acquainted, dining out,culture, leisure, camping, staying in hotels, on the street, in the post office, in the bank, at the police station, health, at the dentist‘s, shopping, at the pharmacy, photographic equipment, asking questions, numbers, weights and measures, quantities, times, calendar, the sky and space, the weather, spatial relations, the human body, the senses, life & death.  

Professional English: telephoning, negotiating, presenting, correspondence, discussions, decisions, organizing meetings, marketing, advertising, office, etc.

Contact: contact@talktotheworld.com



English Deutsch

Preisgekrönter Englischkurs für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene inklusive kostenlosem Einstufungstest und Abschlusszertifikat (nur 1€ pro Tag - ab 7 Tage): talktotheworld.com wurde von 6 englischen Universitäten ausgezeichnet und die Inhalte von mehrfach preisgekrönten Trainern- und Autoren erstellt (über 50 Preise und Auszeichnungen).

Inhalte und Themen: Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik, Wissenschaft, Kultur, Kunst, Literatur, Musik, Philosophie, Religion, Psychologie, Soziologie, etc.

Allgemeines Englisch: Meinungen & Äußerungen, Begrüßen, Verabschieden, Verständigen, Zeitliche Angaben, Bekanntschaften, Essen & Trinken, im Restaurant, Kultur, Freizeit, Camping, im Hotel, auf der Straße, in der Post, in der Bank, in der Polizei, Gesundheit, beim Zahnarzt, Einkaufen, Drogerieartikel, Fotoartikel, Fragewörter und Fragen, Zahlen, Maße & Gewichte, Mengenangaben, Zeitpunkt, Zeitraum, Kalender, Uhrzeit, Uhr, Himmel & Weltall, Wetter, Raum, Lage im Raum, Mensch, Körper, Sinne, Leben & Tod.

Berufliches Englisch: Telefonieren, Verhandeln, Präsentieren, Korrespondieren, Beraten, Entscheiden, Meetings organisieren, Marketing, Advertising, Office, Management Skills, etc.

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general information

Now is the time to improve your skills with talktotheworld.com management & English training and professional development seminars. Join the successful managers, leaders and professionals who come to talktotheworld.com each year to enhance core skills and to stay ahead of evolving trends.

talktotheworld.com offers over 60 specific seminars in diverse subject areas including management, leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, finance, marketing, sales and project management. Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

special topics

Proficiency level: Intermediate to Advanced. We offer 40 additional special interest topics through the English language - You can select and learn about whichever area of business management that interests you.

Topics: People Development, Change & Growth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship in cooperation with talktotheworld.com Corporate University Network.

  • collecting information

    collecting information
    Valid Information: Introduction; Data and information; The need for information; Good information; Information sources; Checking validity; Summary; Collecting and recording information: Introduction; Information relevant to your job; Means of collecting information; Storing information; Questioning techniques; Questionnaires, surveys and observation; Summary; The Internet: Introduction; Internet basics; Searching the internet; Refining a search; Evaluating internet information; Intranets; Internet abuse; Summary; Performance checks;

  • storing and retrieving information

    storing and retrieving information
    Record keeping and storage media: Introduction; Why we keep records; Paper-based storage media; Electronic storage media; Summary; Systems for storing and retrieving information: Introduction; Organizing information; Cross-referencing and indexing; Computer systems; Summary; Databases: Introduction; Records and databases; Using a database; Summary; Performance checks; Access control, security and data protection: Introduction; Managing risks; Data security; The law and data storage; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • information in management

    information in management
    Using information for decisions: Introduction; Adequate and relevant information; Decision-making models; Summary; Analyzing information: Introduction; Analyzing numerical data; Excel and data analysis; Non-numerical information; Summary; Presenting Information: Introduction; Tables; Line graphs; Charts; How to create charts in Excel; Other types of visual presentation; Gantt charts and managing projects; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • solving problems

    solving problems

    • Session A: Problems large and small- Introduction; What do you mean by 'a problem' ?; Problems foreseen and unforeseen; The six stages of problem-solving; Stage 1: recognizing the problem; Stage 2: accept ownership of the problem; Summary;
    • Session B: Defining problems and causes- Introduction; Stage 3: understand the problem; Define the problem; Analyze the problem; Other aids to understanding a problem; Summary;
    • Session C: Finding a solution- Introduction; Stage 4: choose a solution; What is a solution ?; Identify possible solutions; Some solutions are better than others; Summary;
    • Session D: Implementing and evaluating a solution- Introduction; Stage 5: implementing a solution; Stage 6: monitoring and evaluation; Looking back; Summary; Performance checks; Review and reflect;
  • becoming more effective

    becoming more effective
    Assessing your current situation: Introduction; Analyzing the requirements of your job; Assessing your current effectiveness; Confirming your findings; Summary; Choosing development activities that suit your needs: Introduction; What is development?; Your development needs; Specifying your objectives; Forms of development activity; Ways of learning; Summary; Making it Happen: Introduction; The personal development plan; From planning to action; Selecting the right form of development; Reviewing and evaluating development; Keeping track; Revising your personal development plan; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • making a financial case

    becoming more effective
    Assessing your current situation: Introduction; Analyzing the requirements of your job; Assessing your current effectiveness; Confirming your findings; Summary; Choosing development activities that suit your needs: Introduction; What is development?; Your development needs; Specifying your objectives; Forms of development activity; Ways of learning; Summary; Making it Happen: Introduction; The personal development plan; From planning to action; Selecting the right form of development; Reviewing and evaluating development; Keeping track; Revising your personal development plan; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • organizational culture and context

    organizational culture and context
    Why organizations need to exist: Introduction; What organizations are for; Is there 'an organization for all purposes'?; Types of organization; Organizational structures; Organizational functions; Summary; Ethics in business: Introduction; Stakeholders in the organization; Ethics in practice; Mission statements; Is good ethics good business; Communications; Political, investment and trading practices; The public interest disclosure act (PIDA) 1999; Conflicts and ethical dilemmas; Summary; Organizational culture and its effect on performance: Introduction; Contrasting organizational cultures; Culture and management style; Sub-cultures; Internal politics; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • controlling physical resources

    controlling physical resources
    Dealing with Resources: Introduction; The organization's resources; Managing resources; People as a resource; Equipment as a resource; Land and Buildings as a Resource; Materials as a Resource; Summary; Storing and Allocating Materials: Introduction; The basic principles of stock control; Rotating stock; Managing stock; Receiving goods; Issuing goods; Stock levels; Computerized systems; Summary; Purchasing, resource planning and security: Introduction; The purchasing function; Materials planning; Resource planning and management; Security; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • organizational environment

    organizational environment
    The economic environment: Introduction; How economics affects everyone; Factors of production; Raw Materials; The price mechanism; The economic levers which governments use; Key economic issues effecting all organizations; Summary; The Global Village: Introduction; The UK's International Trade; The UK's trading partners; The European Union (EU); International organizations which influence the UK; The trade cycle, unemployment and economic growth; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • achieving quality

    achieving quality
    Quality in Context: Introduction; The meaning of quality; Ensuring quality; Total quality management; Achieving quality at team level; Summary; Standards: Introduction; Types of standards; BE EN ISO 9000:2000; Quality management system; Management responsibility; Resource management; Product realization; Measurement analysis and improvement; Summary; Quality Control and Statistics: Introduction; The mean, the range and the standard deviation; The distribution of data; Summary; Statistical Process Control: Introduction; Sampling; Acceptable quality level (AQL); Control limits; Applying the techniques; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • budgeting for better performance

    budgeting for better performance

    • Session A: What is a budget - Introduction; The purpose of budgets; Beginning a budget; Why do we need budgets?; The advantages of budgets; Using budgetary control; Summary;
    • Session B: Monitor performance against budget - Introduction; Budgetary control; Flexible budgets and budgetary control; Non-financial budgets; Standard costing and budgetary control; Summary;
    • Session C: Measuring Performance - Introduction; What is performance measurement ?; Performance measurement principles; A range of performance measures; Financial performance measures; Non-financial performance measures; External comparisons; Stakeholders & their objectives; Summary;
    • Session D: Monitoring and improving performance - Introduction; Developing performance standards; Monitoring performance; Improving performance; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • commitment to equality

    commitment to equality
    Managing Diversity: Introduction; Diversity and equality; The importance of equality at work; Inequality and unfairness at work; Has inequality occurred ?- a checklist; Summary; The law relating to equality at work Introduction; Scope of anti-discrimination laws; United Kingdom statute law; Other legislation affecting unfair discrimination; A detailed look at the main UK legislation; Illegal discrimination in detail; Summary; Pursuing real equality in the workplace: Introduction; Who is liable ?; Procedures for ensuring equality; Commitment to equality; Pursuing real equality; Summary; The consequences of illegal discrimination: Introduction; Types of liability for illegal discrimination; The financial consequences; The legal process- Employment Tribunals; Employment practices and procedures; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • delivering training

    delivering training
    How People Learn: Introduction; What is 'learning'?; The process of learning; Learning styles; Barriers to successful learning; Methods of learning; Training: Introduction; Training- a definition; Your role in the training process; Structure of a training session; Training methods; Dealing with problems; Assessment; Methods of assessment; Giving feedback; Evaluation techniques; Keeping records; Summary; Coaching: Introduction; What is coaching?; Why coach?; Three golden rules; The process; Keeping records; Summary; Counseling and mentoring: Introduction; Five ways to support your team members; Counseling; Professional help; Mentoring; Confidentiality; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • making communication work

    making communication work

    • Session A: The communication process -Introduction; The importance of communicating effectively at work; The communication cycle; Recognizing and overcoming barriers to communication; Ensuring effective communication in the workplace; Summary;
    • Session B: Communication media-Introduction; Choosing the right method of communication; Face-to-face communication; Gathering and using feedback; Non-verbal communication; Summary;
    • Session C: Non-verbal communication-Introduction; Understanding different types of body language; Sending, receiving and interpreting unspoken messages; Attitude, perceptions and cultures; Summary; Performance Checks; Reflect and review;
  • managing change

    managing change
    Change through continuous improvement: Introduction; What does continuous improvement involve ?; Tools for aiding continuous improvement; The 5S Programme; Standards and continuous improvement; Summary; Planning change: Introduction; Reasons for major change; Change and the team leader; Preparing for change; Planning the project activities; Establishing responsibilities and methods of communication; Summary; Implementing change and managing its consequences: Introduction; Monitoring the project plan; Completing a change project; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review

  • managing time

    managing time
    Where does all the time go? Introduction; What is time management?; Activity trap 1: crisis management; Activity trap 2: responding to demands; Activity trap 3: the treadmill; Getting out of the trap; Summary; Deciding how to use time: Introduction; Making decisions; Identifying demands; Habits; Priorities; The time management grid; The quadrants; Summary; Making time work: Introduction; Time logs; Planning time for you and your team; The list system; Gantt charts; Summary; The limits of time management: Introduction; Scheduling your own tasks; Scheduling team time; The best laid plans; Coping with the unexpected; Reviewing the use of time; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • project and report writing

    project and report writing
    Reports-what and why? Introduction; What is a report?; Objectives of reports; The users of reports; The structure of a report; Types of reports; Summary; The report writing process: Introduction; What's special about presenting reports; The report writer's toolkit; Get the task into focus; Plan your work; Research and analyze the facts; Select the appropriate structure; Manage the content; Write your report; Summary; Gathering and presenting information: Introduction; Obtaining facts; Conducting your own investigations; Analyzing numbers; Drawing conclusions and making recommendations; Presenting information; Using appendices; Summary; Writing an ILM Certificate project report; Performance checks; Reflect and review. 

  • understanding quality

    understanding quality
    Quality and customers: Introduction; Defining quality; Design quality and process quality; Quality systems; Why is quality important?; The cost of quality; Dependability; Certification and accreditation schemes; Summary; Towards total quality: Introduction; The traditional approach to quality management; What is total quality management?; Continuous improvement; Focus on the customer; A commitment to quality; Teamwork and trust; Summary; Practical steps to quality: Introduction; Finding ways to improve quality; Working as a team; Getting your team to work for quality; Zero defects programmes; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • writing effectively

    writing effectively
    Why and when to write: Introduction; Writing versus speech; The advantages of writing; Summary; Writing for Results: Introduction; Reaching the destination; Getting the reader's attention; Plain words; Making the right impression; The Human Touch; Summary; Planning and laying out writing: Introduction; Planning your writing; Laying out written documents; Including visual materials; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • networking and sharing information

    networking and sharing information
    Successful briefings and presentations: Introduction; The purpose of briefings and presentations; Which medium?; Selecting information; Planning and preparation; Conducting the briefing or presentation; When it's all over; Changing sides - being a contributor; Summary; Active listening: Introduction; The five senses; The communication process; Learning to listen actively; Whole body listening; Hidden messages; Non-verbal communication; Summary; Building a network: Introduction; What is networking; What is good about networking; Types of network; Creating a network; Building a rapport; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • effective meetings at work

    effective meetings at work
    One-to-one meetings: Introduction; Types of one-to-one meetings; Setting up meetings; Communicating in one-to-one meetings; Formal meetings with staff; Taking notes; Counseling interviews; Disciplinary interviews; Grievance interviews; Other methods of one-to-one communication; Summary; Giving and receiving feedback: Introduction; The role of feedback in communication; Giving feedback to improve performance; Feedback in less formal situations; Appraisal meetings; Receiving feedback; Summary; Group Meetings: Introduction; Different types of meetings; Preparing for meetings; Taking part in a meeting; Following up on meetings; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • managing relationships at work

    managing relationships at work
    The importance of good relationships: Introduction; A definition of relationship; Formal and informal relationships within organizations; External relationships; Differences between people; Relationships and organizational culture; Summary; Building a positive environment: Introduction; Groups and teams; Behavior breeds behavior; Personal qualities; Interpersonal skills; Emotional intelligence; Developing a culture of trust; Confidentiality; Choosing your leadership style; Summary; How to get the result you want: Introduction; Instructing; Influencing; Persuading; Negotiating; Summary; Managing Conflict: Introduction; The value of personal power; Causes of conflict; Resolving conflict situations; The 4-step model for resolving conflict; Achieving a win-win situation; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • improving efficiency

    improving efficiency

    • Session A: Background to efficiency - Introduction; Work organizations; Efficiency; Quality; People as a resource; Materials as a resource; Information as a resource; Time as a resource; Summary;
    • Session B: Productivity & work study - Introduction; Productivity; Cost benefit analysis; Work study; Method study; Work measurement; Calculating staffing requirements; Summary;
    • Session C: Efficiency in your workplace -Introduction; What are the real costs of using resources; Planning for improved efficiency & effectiveness; Summary;
    • Session D: Managing Waste - Introduction; Waste control legislation; The costs of waste; A staged approach to managing waste; Awareness raising; Process analysis; Clarifying costs; Future planning; Defining the problem and identifying solutions; Taking action; Summary: Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • appraising performance

    appraising performance

    • Session A: the aims and objectives of appraisal- Introduction; Defining performance appraisal; The benefits of performance appraisal; Resistance to performance appraisal; The purpose of performance appraisal; Aims and objectives of performance appraisal; Summary;
    • Session B: the appraisal process- Introduction; Planning and preparation; Assessing performance; Choosing the appraiser; Summary;
    • Session C: the appraisal interview- Introduction; Before the interview; At the start of the interview; During the interview; Agreeing future performance; After the interview; Summary;
    • Session D: assessment reports and records- Introduction; Recording systems; Who should have access to appraisal records?; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • leading your team

    leading your team

    • Session A: are you a leader? - Introduction; What is a leader?; What else does a leader need?; So how do you become an effective leader?; Summary;
    • Session B: the team leader, responsibilities and roles- Introduction; Responsibility 1: the task; Responsibility 2: the individual; Responsibility 3: the team; Coping with the role of team leader; Summary;
    • Session C: Leadership styles- Introduction; The leader; The task; The team; The operational environment; Personal leadership style; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • managing lawfully - health, safety and environment

    managing lawfully - health, safety and environment

    • Session A: Background to health and safety legislation- Introduction; Introduction to health and safety legislation; Health and Safety at Work; Levels of statutory duty; Fire precautions act 1971; Enforcing the law; Safety representatives and committees; Summary;
    • Session B: Some important health and safety laws- Introduction; Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1992; Workplace (health, safety, and welfare) regulations 1992; Manual handling operations regulations 1992; Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992; Personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992; Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998; Control of substances hazardous to health regulations 1994; Other laws; Summary;
    • Session C: the law on the environment- Introduction; Background to environmental law; Principal environmental legislation; Integrated pollution control; How the law is enforced; The law on waste management; The law on water pollution; The law on atmospheric pollution; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • managing lawfully - people and employment

    managing lawfully - people and employment

    • Session A: employment policies- Introduction; Communicating employment policies; The contract of employment; Employment tribunals; Grievance and disciplinary procedures; Dealings with recognized trade unions; Employment records; Summary;
    • Session B: managing positively- Introduction; Achieving harmony at work; Selection and training; Appraising performance; Communicating with the team; Earning respect from the team; Motivating and monitoring; Recognizing and resolving conflict situations; Resolving conflict; Grievance procedures; Summary;
    • Session C: Discipline- Introduction; The purpose of discipline; Rules; Dealing with offences; Following the procedures; Finding out the facts; The counseling session; Taking action; Summary; Performance checks; Review and reflect;
  • managing tough times

    managing tough times

    • Session A: what makes your job tough?- Introduction; Types of working demand; Work-related demands; People demands; Demands from the changing world; Multiple demands; Summary;
    • Session B: how do you cope with tough times?- Introduction; What to look for; We are all different; The three stages of stress; How stress can affect your organization; Summary;
    • Session C: helping yourself in tough times- Introduction; First aid; Preparing for tough times; Summary;
    • Session D: helping others in tough times- Introduction; Promoting team work; Supporting and advising, counseling and mentoring; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • marketing and selling

    marketing and selling
    Understanding the market: Introduction; The market and competition; Product life-cycles; The marketing approach; Summary; The marketing mix: Introduction; The elements of the marketing mix; Product quality; Maintaining customer satisfaction; The people factor in the marketing mix; Summary; Analyzing the market: Introduction; Recognizing the need for change; PESTLE analysis; Market segmentation; SWOT analysis; The marketing plan; Summary; Getting the price, place and promotion right: Introduction; The right price; The right place; The right time; The right promotion; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review.

  • motivating people

    motivating people

    • Session A: what is motivation- Introduction; Definitions; Values and attitudes; The right atmosphere; Clear objectives; Summary;
    • Session B: understanding behavior at work- Introduction; Maslow: needs theory; McGregor- theory x and theory y; Hertzberg: the two-factor team; Expectancy; Hackmand and Oldham: internal motivation; Summary;
    • Session C: Making work more rewarding- Introduction; Taking the skill out of work; Reviewing the theory; Job enrichment; Job rotation and job enlargement; Job enrichment in practice; Summary;
    • Session D: the team leader's role- Introduction; Needs and your team; Motivation and the team; Managing performance to meet objectives; Job enrichment; Job enrichment and the team; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • planning and controlling

    planning and controlling

    • Session A: Planning and controlling work processes- Introduction; Control systems; Stages in control; Summary;
    • Session B: Planning and controlling the use of resources- Introduction; Controlling materials; Controlling quality; Controlling plant and equipment; Controlling work methods; Scheduling work flow; Control and people; Making your contribution; Summary;
    • Session C: Planning and controlling projects; Introduction; Project management; The germ of a project; Knowing what you want to achieve; Project planning; Project costs; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • planning training and development

    planning training and development

    • Session A: The importance of training. Introduction; What do we mean by training ?; Effective training; The benefits of training; Alternatives to training; The training cycle; Summary.
    • Session B: Identifying Training Needs. Introduction; Types of training need; Assessing training needs by analyzing jobs; Training needs analysis by task; Other training needs identification techniques; Agreeing and recording identified training needs; Summary.
    • Session C: Planning Successful Training. Introduction; What are we trying to achieve ?; The way people learn; Training on or off the job?; Choosing the best method; Designing and using visual aids; Planning the training; Conforming to legislative requirements; Deciding on review and evaluation process; Drawing up the training plan; Summary. Performance Checks; Reflect and Review.
  • preventing accidents

    preventing accidents

    • Session A: accidents and their causes- Introduction; Definition of an accident; What kind of accidents?; What causes accidents?; Policies for safety; The team leader's role; Summary;
    • Session B: the management of safety- Introduction; The cost of accidents; Management strategies for safety; Accident prevention and the law; Risk assessment; People with a special role to play; Summary;
    • Session C: practical accident prevention- Introduction; Equipment safety; Preventing falls; Electrical hazards; Maintenance work; Manual handling; Fire hazards; Protective equipment; Day-to-day tasks; Summary;
    • Session D: coping with accidents- Introduction; Dealing with accidents and abnormal occurrences; Reporting accidents; Investigating an accident; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • securing the right people

    securing the right people

    • Session A: Filling a vacancy- Introduction; recruitment policies; The recruitment process; A vacancy exists; Starting the recruitment and selection process; Analyzing the job; Job descriptions; Person specifications; Job specification; Getting approval; Attracting the applicants; Employment law; Summary;
    • Session B: Making the right choice- Introduction; Why do we interview?; Preparing for the interview; The functions of the interviewer; Interview format; Welcoming the interviewees; Asking questions; Keeping to a natural sequence; Taking notes; Rounding off the interview; Assessing the candidates; Following up the interview; Summary;
    • Session C: Helping the new employee- Introduction; Preparing for the new employee; Before the employee arrives; On the day the employee arrives; Individual needs; Retaining your staff; Developing staff; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • understanding finance

    understanding finance

    • Session A: the need for accounts- Introduction; How money is used; The use of accounting records; Accounting records and accounts; Summary;
    • Session B: finance in business- Introduction; How a business works; Cash flow; Summary;
    • Session C: financial information- Introduction; Cash accounting versus profit accounting; The profit and loss account; The balance sheet; Summary;
    • Session D: financial indicators- Introduction; Using ratio analysis; Summary;
    • Session E: sources of finance- Introduction; Funds available; Short-term finance; Medium-term and long-term finance; Flexible financing; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • working in teams

    working in teams

    • Session A: What teams are- Introduction; What is a team ?; Many kinds of work team; Comparing work teams; The needs of people in teams; The responsibilities of people in teams; Summary;
    • Session B: How teams behave- Introduction; The stages of team development; The roles people play; Group norms; Why do teams sometimes fail ?; Summary;
    • Session C: Leading and developing a team; Introduction; Your role as team leader; Building your team; Cohesiveness; Developing your team; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review;
  • caring for the customer

    caring for the customer

    • Session A: ABOUT CUSTOMERS; Introduction; What is a customer?; Non-commercial organizations and their customers; External customers; Internal customers; Summary;
    • Session B: WHAT IS CUSTOMER CARE?; Introduction; Customers old and new; The three pillars of customer satisfaction; Meeting the needs of external customers; Summary;
    • Session C: DIRECT CUSTOMER CONTACT; Introduction; Whose customers are they?; A quality personal service; Telephone contacts; Customer complaints; Summary;
    • Session D: DELIVERING CUSTOMER CARE; Introduction; Identifying your customer care problems; Managing for customer satisfaction; Setting and monitoring standards; A customer care culture?; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and Review;
  • controlling costs

    controlling costs

    • Session A: classifying costs- Introduction; Organizational costs; Labor costs; Materials costs; Overheads; Fixed and variable costs; Break-even analysis; The need to control costs; Summary;
    • Session B: standard costing- Introduction; Setting standards; Standard costing in practice; Variances from the standard; The value of standard costing; Summary;
    • Session C: controlling and reducing costs- Introduction; Cost information and decisions; Cost centers; Control through cost centers; Cost consciousness; Checklists for controlling costs; Cost reduction; Summary; Performance checks; Review and reflect;
  • delegating effectively

    delegating effectively

    • Session A: Delegation, a vital skill; Introduction; What does delegation mean?; Why is important to delegate?; Objections to delegating; Authority and responsibility; The process of delegation; How effective delegation will help you; Summary;
    • Session B: Achieving balance in delegation; Introduction; Under-delegation; Over-delegation; Identifying under-delegation and over-delegation; Levels of control in delegation; Summary;
    • Session C: Preparing to delegate- Introduction; What should not be delegated?; What should be delegated?; Delegating to volunteers; Which of your tasks can you delegate?; Selecting a team member for delegation; Summary;
    • Session D: Carrying out delegation- Introduction; Setting objectives; Planning; Monitoring the delegated task; Reviewing the delegation; Summary; Performance checks; Review and reflect
  • understanding change

    understanding change

    • Session A: External forces for change- Introduction; Categorizing forces for change; Political, economic and social factors; Technological factors; Legal factors; Environmental factors; Recognizing opportunities and threats; Strengths and weaknesses; Putting it all together: SWOT analysis; Summary;
    • Session B: continuous improvement and change- Introduction; Quality and continuous improvement; The positive aspects of change; Establishing a culture receptive to change; Promoting continuous improvement; Summary;
    • Session C: Identifying and overcoming barriers to change- Introduction; Resistance to change in yourself; Acknowledging resistance to change in others; Managing resistance to change; Summary; Performance checks; Reflect and review

english test

This test offers you the possibility to check and classify your current English knowledge (10 level).

Total points Knowledge level
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11 - 20 Points 2. beginner
21 - 30 Points 3. false beginner
31 - 40 Points 4. intermediate refresher
41 - 50 Points 5. intermediate
51 - 60 Points 6. intermediate to advanced
61 - 70 Points 7. advanced refresher
71 - 80 Points 8. advanced
81 - 90 Points 9. very advanced
91 - 100 Points 10. native speaker

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I. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (Firmenseminare und Beratungsleistungen)

II. Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (Online-Kurse via e-shop und Offline-Bestellungen)



I.     Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (Firmenseminare und Beratungsleistungen)

1. Allgemein
Sofern sie den Geschäftsbereich Seminare und Trainings betreffen, werden sämtliche Modalitäten für Firmenseminare,
Einzeltrainings, Workshops, Konzeptions- und Beratungsleistungen sowie ggf. weitere Leistungen wie Raummieten etc.
grundsätzlich einzelvertraglich geregelt. Auch die Modalitäten für etwaige Agenturleistungen (Marketing/Kommunikation/Design/
Corporate Learning) und Kooperationen werden einzelvertraglich mit den betreffenden Vertragspartnern geregelt.
Hingegen werden alle AGBs für die Online-Kurse unter II. AGB - Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen geregelt.

2. Honorar
Das Tageshonorar pro Berater/Trainer bzw. Redner- und Künstlerhonorare werden individuell ausgehandelt. Das Tageshonorar
wird je angebrochenem Trainingstag fällig. Eine Abrechnung von halben Tagen ist möglich. Coachingleistungen können per
Tages- oder Halbtages-Honorar abgerechnet werden. Für eine Anreise am Vortag entstehen keine zusätzlichen Honorarkosten.
Hierbei fallen lediglich Reisespesen bzw. Hotelkosten an.

3. Konzepterstellung
Bei individuell konzipierten Veranstaltungen werden Konzeptionstage separat nach Stunden berechnet.

4. Reisekosten und Spesen
Reisekosten und Spesen werden vom Auftraggeber erstattet.
Die Fahrtkosten des Beraters/Trainers zum Veranstaltungsort und zurück werden erstattet mit:
a) dem PKW mit 0,51 € pro gefahrenen Kilometer oder
b) mit der Bahn 1. Klasse (Universitätskunden: 2. Klasse) oder
c) einem Flug - Economy Class oder
d) mit einem Mietwagen der mittleren Kategorie
Die Übernachtung- und Verpflegungskosten des Beraters im Veranstaltungshaus oder in einem dem Veranstaltungsort nahe
gelegenen Hotel bis zu 200,– € pro Übernachtung erstattet.

5. Teilnehmerzahl
Bei Seminaren ist eine Durchführung mit mindestens 4 Teilnehmern möglich. Trainings haben eine maximale Teilnehmerzahl von 12 per Trainer. Projektcoaching und Großgruppenveranstaltungen werden jeweils individuell geregelt.

6. Unterlagen
Über die Veranstaltung kann ein Foto- oder Video-Feedback-Protokoll erstellt werden, das den Teilnehmern in elektronischer Form nach der Veranstaltung zugeht. Bei Bedarf können Teilnehmerunterlagen (Skripte) zur Verfügung gestellt werden, die separat abgerechnet werden, falls nicht anders vereinbart.

7. Organisation
Die Organisation der Veranstaltung (Raum- und Hotelreservierung, Tagungsausstattung, Nennung und Einladung Teilnehmer,
Abrechnung mit den Teilnehmern) erfolgt durch den Auftraggeber.

8. Zahlungsbedingungen
Die ersten 50% des Zahlungsbetrages sind nach Auftragsbestätigung sofort fällig. Nach Erbringung der Leistung erhalten Sie eine Restbetrag-Rechnung entsprechend den mit Ihnen getroffenen Vereinbarungen. Der Rechnungsbetrag wird sofort ohne Abzüge fällig.

9. Stornierungen
Bei Stornierung ab 8 Wochen vor Veranstaltungsbeginn berechnen wir Ihnen Kosten in Höhe von 50% des Honorarsatzes.
Ab 4 Wochen vor Veranstaltungsbeginn berechnen wir 100%.

10. Abweichung in der Durchführung und Absagen durch talktotheworld.com
Die Beschreibung der Veranstaltungsinhalte entspricht dem Stand zum Zeitpunkt der Angebotserstellung. Änderungen aufgrund
der Aktualisierung und Weiterentwicklung unserer Veranstaltungen behalten wir uns vor. Wir behalten uns vor, einen anderen
Veranstaltungsleiter ersatzweise einzusetzen. Sollte eine Veranstaltung wider Erwarten aus von uns zu vertretenden Gründen
abgesagt werden, so dass der Auftraggeber die Veranstaltung stornieren muss, erstatten wir ggf. den bereits gezahlten
Veranstaltungspreis einschließlich Hotelkosten. Darüber hinaus gehende Ansprüche bestehen nicht.

11. Copyright und Urheberschutz
Sämtliche Seminarunterlagen dienen ausschließlich der persönlichen Nutzung durch den Teilnehmer. Alle Rechte, auch die
der Übersetzung, des Nachdrucks und der Vervielfältigung der Seminarunterlagen oder von Teilen daraus behalten wir uns vor.
Insbesondere darf kein Teil der Seminarunterlage ohne schriftliche Genehmigung durch talktotheworld.com zum Zwecke der
Unterrichtsgestaltung reproduziert, verarbeitet, vervielfältigt oder verbreitet werden. Eine auszugsweise Kopie darf gerne erstellt
werden, wenn die Inhalte nicht verändert werden, das Copyright-Zeichen mit dem Zusatz “mit freundlicher Genehmigung von
talktotheworld.com” und somit das Urheberrecht gewahrt bleibt.

12. Datenschutz
Interne Informationen des Auftraggebers – Unternehmen und Mitarbeiter – werden loyal und vertraulich behandelt. Die zur
Versendung von Unterlagen erforderlichen eMail-Adressen von Teilnehmern und Koordinatoren werden mit deren Zustimmung
zur Versendung von talktotheworld.com Newslettern verwandt. Sie werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.

13. Salvatorische Klausel
Sollte eine Bestimmung dieses Vertrages ungültig oder undurchsetzbar sein oder werden, so bleiben die übrigen Bestimmungen
dieses Vertrages hiervon unberührt.

14. Gerichtsstand
Leipzig, Deutschland


II.     Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (Online-Kurse via e-shop und Offline-Bestellungen)

1. Allgemeines
a. Abweichungen von diesen Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) bedürfen der ausdrücklichen schriftlichen Anerkennung
durch talktotheworld.com Ltd. ( 3tw.org ) sowie etwaige andere Vertragspartner.
b. Änderungen der AGB behält sich die talktotheworld.com Ltd. ausdrücklich vor.

2. Vertragsabschluss
a. Die unter der Domain www.talktotheworld.com aufrufbaren Seiten mit Warenangeboten stellen noch kein Angebot zum Abschluss eines Vertrages, sondern lediglich eine Aufforderung zur Abgabe einer Bestellung durch den Kunden (invitatio ad offerendum) dar.
b. Ein Vertrag kommt dadurch zustande, dass der talktotheworld.com das durch die Bestellung des Kunden abgegebene Vertragsangebot
durch seine Auftragsbestätigung annimmt. Die Auftragsbestätigung sieht die wesentlichen Bestandteile der Bestellung vor.
c. Ein Vertrag kommt erst mit Zusenden der Ware zustande, wenn talktotheworld.com keine E-Mail-Adresse des Kunden vorliegt und er keine Auftragsbestätigung versenden kann oder dann, wenn die Auftragsbestätigung nicht alle wesentlichen Bestandteile der Bestellung umfasst und es sich lediglich um eine vom System automatisch generierte Bestätigung des Eingangs der Kundenbestellung handelt.

3. Widerrufsrecht des Kunden
a. Der Kunde ist an seine Erklärung nicht mehr gebunden, wenn er sie binnen einer Frist von 2 Wochen nach Eingang der Ware widerruft. Der Widerruf muss keine Begründung enthalten und schriftlich, auf einem anderen dauerhaften Datenträger oder durch Rücksendung der Ware erfolgen. Zur Fristwahrung genügt die rechtzeitige Absendung des Widerrufs an die talktotheworld.com Ltd., Abteilung Kundenservice, Langereihe 14, 22941 Jersbek.
b. Nach Eingang des Widerrufs ist die talktotheworld.com Ltd. verpflichtet, eventuelle Zahlungen zurück zu erstatten. Der Kunde ist verpflichtet, die Ware auf Kosten und Gefahr der talktotheworld.com Ltd. es an diese zurückzusenden. Die Rücksendekosten bei einer Bestellung bis zu EUR 40,- trägt der Kunde.

4. Lieferbedingungen
Bestellungen werden so schnell wie möglich erledigt. Unsere Lieferzeiten betragen innerhalb Deutschlands maximal 8-10 Tage.
Eine Verpflichtung zur Einhaltung eines bestimmten Liefertermins kann nicht übernommen werden. Betriebsstörungen, Streiks,
Verkehrs- und andere vom talktotheworld.com Ltd. nicht zu vertretende Hindernisse entbinden den Verlag von der Vertragserfüllung.

5. Lehrerfreistücke - Änderung der Gesetzeslage
Seit 01. Oktober 2002 ist Verlagen nach §§1 und 7 Abs.1 Nr.3 des Buchpreisbindungsgesetzes die Abgabe von Lehrerhandstücken nicht mehr gestattet. Davon nicht betroffen sind Lehrerprüfstücke, die weiterhin zur Prüfung auf Einführung mit 20% Ermäßigung und zur Ansicht mit Rückgabemöglichkeit innerhalb von drei Monaten abgegeben werden.

6. Preise und Zahlungsbedingungen
a. Die Preisangaben im Online-Katalog der talktotheworld.com Ltd. und auf den Seiten der Domain www.talktotheworld.com sind freibleibend.
b. Die angegebenen Euro-Preise gelten weltweit.
c. Alle über den Online-Katalog der talktotheworld.com per Internet bestellbaren Produkte werden direkt an die vom Kunden angegebene
Lieferadresse gegen Zahlung der Versandkosten geliefert. talktotheworld.com Ltd. berechnet die Versandkosten pauschaliert;
Nachlieferungen erfolgen versandkostenfrei. Die Pauschale für Porto und Verpackung beträgt innerhalb der Bundesrepublik
Deutschland EUR 1,50. Die Aufträge werden auf dem - nach Ermessen des talktotheworld.com günstigsten Weg und sofern keine
Einschränkungen des Versandträgers vorliegen - verpackt und zugesandt.
d. Die Zahlungsbedingungen ergeben sich aus der Rechnung. Sofern diese ausnahmsweise hierzu keine Angaben enthält, gelten
folgende Zahlungsbedingungen: Rechnungsbeträge sind innerhalb von 14. Tagen ab Rechnungseingang beim Kunden ohne Abzug zur Zahlung fällig. Zahlungen sind auf das Konto der Joy Ventures UG, BIC BEVODEBB, IBAN DE43100900002465919003 bei der Berliner Volksbank zu überweisen.

7. Eigentumsvorbehalt
Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. behält sich das Eigentum an der von ihr gelieferten Ware bis zur vollständigen Bezahlung des gesamten
Kaufpreises vor. Erst mit vollständiger Bezahlung des Kaufpreises durch den Kunden geht das Eigentum an der Ware auf diesen
über (§ 455 BGB).

8. Gewährleistung
a. Ist die an den Kunden gelieferte Ware mit Fehlern behaftet, so wird talktotheworld.com Ltd. den Mangel beseitigen oder Ersatz
liefern. Ist eine Mängelbeseitigung oder eine Ersatzlieferung innerhalb einer angemessenen Frist nicht möglich, so kann der Kunde wahlweise den Kaufpreis mindern oder vom Vertrag zurücktreten.
b. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. haftet für das Fehlen zugesicherter Eigenschaften.
c. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. haftet für vorsätzliche oder grob fahrlässige Verletzungen wesentlicher Vertragspflichten. Darüber hinaus besteht eine Haftung – gleich aus welchem Rechtsgrund – nur nach dem Produkthaftungsgesetz oder bei vorsätzlicher oder grob fahrlässiger Schadensverursachung durch die talktotheworld.com Ltd. oder seine Erfüllungsgehilfen.
d. Für den Fall einer leicht fahrlässigen Verletzung einer Hauptleistungspflicht beschränkt sich die Haftung höchstens bis zum typischerweise vorhersehbaren Schaden, der den Kaufpreis regelmäßig nicht überschreitet und auf Schäden an der bestellten Ware begrenzt ist.

9. Datenschutz
a. Der Kunde stimmt der Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung von personenbezogenen Daten, soweit sie für die Begründung,
inhaltliche Ausgestaltung oder Änderung des Vertragsverhältnisses mit ihm über die Nutzung von Telediensten (sog. Bestandsdaten) und zur Abrechnung (sog. Abrechnungsdaten) erforderlich ist, zu. Der Kunde ist ferner mit der Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung von Daten über die Inanspruchnahme von Telediensten insoweit einverstanden, als dies erforderlich ist, um dem Kunden die Inanspruchnahme von Telediensten zu ermöglichen (sog. Nutzungsdaten).
b. Der Kunde stimmt einer Verarbeitung und Nutzung der Bestandsdaten gemäß Ziffer a) für Zwecke der Beratung, der Werbung und der Marktforschung zu.

10. Schlussbestimmungen
a. Es gilt das Recht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland unter Ausschluss des UN-Kaufrechts. Ist der Kunde Vollkaufmann, so ist der
Gerichtsstand Hamburg oder nach Wahl der talktotheworld.com Ltd. ein allgemeiner Gerichtsstand.
b. Ein nach diesen Bedingungen geschlossener Vertrag bleibt auch bei rechtlicher Unwirksamkeit einzelner Punkte in seinen übrigen Teilen verbindlich. Unwirksame Bestimmungen sind von den Parteien durch wirksame zu ersetzen, die dem gewollten Zweck möglichst nahe kommen. Entsprechendes gilt im Fall einer Vertragslücke.
Rechtshinweise zum Haftungsausschluss

1. Inhalt des Online-Angebotes
Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. übernimmt keinerlei Gewähr für die Aktualität, Korrektheit, Vollständigkeit oder Qualität der bereitgestellten Informationen. Haftungsansprüche gegen die talktotheworld.com Ltd., welche sich auf Schäden materieller oder ideeller Art beziehen, die durch die Nutzung oder Nichtnutzung der dargebotenen Informationen bzw. durch die Nutzung fehlerhafter und unvollständiger Informationen verursacht wurden, sind grundsätzlich ausgeschlossen, sofern seitens der talktotheworld.com Ltd. kein nachweislich vorsätzliches oder grob fahrlässiges Verschulden vorliegt. Alle Angebote sind freibleibend und unverbindlich. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. behält es sich ausdrücklich vor, Teile der Seiten oder das gesamte Angebot ohne gesonderte Ankündigung zu verändern, zu ergänzen, zu löschen oder die Veröffentlichung zeitweise oder endgültig einzustellen.

2. Verweise, Links und Foren
Bei direkten oder indirekten Verweisen auf fremde Internetseiten („Links“), die außerhalb des Verantwortungsbereiches der talktotheworld.com Ltd. liegen, würde eine Haftungsverpflichtung ausschließlich in dem Fall in Kraft treten, in dem die talktotheworld.com Ltd. von den Inhalten Kenntnis hat und es ihr technisch möglich und zumutbar wäre, die Nutzung im Falle rechtswidriger Inhalte zu verhindern. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. erklärt hiermit ausdrücklich, dass zum Zeitpunkt der Linksetzung keine illegalen Inhalte auf den zu verlinkenden Seiten erkennbar waren. Auf die aktuelle und zukünftige Gestaltung, die Inhalte oder die Urheberschaft der gelinkten/verknüpften Seiten hat die talktotheworld.com Ltd. keinerlei Einfluss. Deshalb distanziert sie sich hiermit ausdrücklich von allen Inhalten aller gelinkten /verknüpften Seiten, die nach der Linksetzung verändert wurden. Diese Feststellung gilt für alle innerhalb des eigenen Internetangebotes gesetzten Links und Verweise sowie für Fremdeinträge in von der talktotheworld.com Ltd. eingerichteten Gästebüchern, Diskussionsforen und Mailinglisten. Für illegale, fehlerhafte oder unvollständige Inhalte und insbesondere für Schäden, die aus der Nutzung oder Nichtnutzung solcherart dargebotener Informationen entstehen, haftet allein der Anbieter der Seite, auf welche verwiesen wurde, nicht derjenige, der über Links auf die jeweilige Veröffentlichung lediglich verweist. Die in den Foren zu lesenden Beiträge, geben die Meinung der jeweiligen Teilnehmer wieder. Diese entsprechen nicht in jedem Fall der Meinung der talktotheworld.com Ltd. oder deren Mitarbeitern. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. behält sich vor, diese Beiträge zu kürzen oder zu löschen, sofern diese einen Inhalt haben, der mit der geltenden Rechtsordnung nicht vereinbar ist.

3. Download
Der Download von Programmen und Dokumenten erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. haftet nicht für Schäden, die aus der Installation oder der Nutzung von Dateien aus dem Download-Bereich erfolgen, soweit dies gesetzlich zulässig ist. Trotz aktueller Virenprüfung ist eine Haftung für Schäden und Beeinträchtigungen durch Computerviren im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Regelungen ausgeschlossen.

4. Urheber- und Kennzeichenrecht
Die talktotheworld.com Ltd. ist bestrebt, in allen Publikationen die Urheberrechte der verwendeten Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu beachten, von ihr selbst erstellte Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zu nutzen oder auf lizenzfreie Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte zurückzugreifen. Alle innerhalb des Internetangebotes genannten und ggf. durch Dritte geschützten Marken- und Warenzeichen unterliegen uneingeschränkt den Bestimmungen des jeweils gültigen Kennzeichenrechts und den Besitzrechten der jeweiligen eingetragenen Eigentümer. Allein aufgrund der bloßen Nennung ist nicht der Schluss zu ziehen, dass Markenzeichen nicht durch Rechte Dritter geschützt sind. Das Copyright für veröffentlichte, von der talktotheworld.com Ltd. selbst erstellte Objekte bleibt allein bei der talktotheworld.com Ltd.. Eine Vervielfältigung oder Verwendung solcher Grafiken, Tondokumente, Videosequenzen und Texte in anderen elektronischen oder gedruckten Publikationen ist ohne ausdrückliche Zustimmung der talktotheworld.com nicht gestattet.

5. Datenschutz
Sofern innerhalb des Internetangebotes die Möglichkeit zur Eingabe persönlicher oder geschäftlicher Daten (E-Mail-Adressen,
Namen, Anschriften) besteht, so erfolgt die Preisgabe dieser Daten seitens des Nutzers auf ausdrücklich freiwilliger Basis. Die
Inanspruchnahme und Bezahlung aller angebotenen Dienste ist - soweit technisch möglich und zumutbar - auch ohne Angabe
solcher Daten bzw. unter Angabe anonymisierter Daten oder eines Pseudonyms gestattet.

6. Rechtswirksamkeit dieses Haftungsausschlusses
Dieser Haftungsausschluss ist als Teil des Internetangebotes zu betrachten, von dem aus auf diese Seite verwiesen wurde. Sofern Teile oder einzelne Formulierungen dieses Textes der geltenden Rechtslage nicht, nicht mehr oder nicht vollständig entsprechen sollten, bleiben die übrigen Teile des Dokumentes in ihrem Inhalt und ihrer Gültigkeit davon unberührt.


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